YOTD Year of the Dragon Lebron 9 – Custom Shoes

I’m going to get straight to the point with these because a lot of people are anxiously awaiting the pics of these custom shoes. We’ve named them the YOTD (Year of the Dragon) Lebrons because well, it’s the “Year of the Dragon” and well these are…Lebrons. That wasn’t too difficult right? So here is the story, kid calls up “yo I’ve got these Lebrons and I want you guys to do something cool with them”. We think and think (someone should be playing the Jeopardy theme song) and the idea hits *POW* Year of the Dragon. I really wish I could put sound effects in these posts. Back to the story….so below is the original shoe –

Nike Lebron 9 Black and Red

Nike Lebron 9 Black and Red – Original Shoe

We took that and made the following custom sneaker mock up aka Flight Plan

YOTD Lebron Custom Shoes

YOTD Lebron Custom Shoes

I believe we make 3 different versions of this mock up before the custom sneaker concept was finalized. From there we began the customization process. And the end result? I don’t want to brag but these custom shoes are pretty effin dope!

Year of the Dragon Lebron Custom Shoes - YOTD

Year of the Dragon Lebron Custom Shoes – YOTD



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OH BUT WAIT. What good is a custom pair of kicks with out the custom sneaker box? You’ve seen the Tiffany box that we made and the South Beach box that we made but umm yea we stepped it up. In true Flight Crew fashion we have a custom Flight Crew Air Cargo Custom Box for the YOTD custom shoes. Shout out to the homie Dan @ Etchd for the SICK collab. If you don’t know about them you better check them out. The total with the box is $900. #PROOF


More custom shoes are on the way!


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