Why customize your shoes?

Why customize your shoes?

There are so many advantages of having your very own custom made shoes. Your kicks will be the only pair in the world like that which makes them unique. Plus you can customize them in any way you like – they can incorporate your favorite color, your initials or even your favorite motto or slogan.

These days there are so many stores which specialize in customizing items, from shirts and hats to mugs and mouse mats. Plus, these stores are the ideal place to visit if you want to make matching shirts for a dance troop or a football team. It’s also great fun if you just fancy making yourself a novelty pair of shoes or a shirt because you can put almost any design on it. If you’re a big Bon Jovi fan you could have Keep the Faith printed on it, or if you’re a fan of partypoker you could get a funky poker chip design printed onto your kicks or shirt. If you are a creative person then you might be interested in reading on because this blog post will show you how you can make your own pair of unique sneaks that will make your feet really stand out.

1 – Buy some plain skate shoes, sandshoes or sneakers in a pale color.

2 – Next, get yourself some paint, Sharpie markers and fabric markers – but make sure they are suitable for fabric drawing and will not run when they get wet.

3 – Get your shoes and get designing! You could draw some funky graffiti letters, lightning bolts, studs, smiley faces, phrases that you like, skulls, flowers or even pretend zippers. Let your imagination run wild.

4 – Try and be as creative as you can You could even glue on additional embellishments like small bows, pom-poms, add different color laces or even googly eyes.

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