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Sneaker yellowing “icy soles” Masterclass

sneaker restoration certification -beginner course

Want to learn how to remove sneaker yellowing? Our icy sole masterclass is the beginning of our school to teach you everything from the basics to how to use sole sauce to the nuances of lighting. We’ll teach you how to ice soles (sole icing) and why it is an important sneaker restoration technique.

We have removed oxidation (sneaker yellowing) from hundreds of pairs of shoes and will share our experience (the good bad and ugly) in this icy sole course.

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Richard is the founder of PROOF Culture and has over 12 years of sneaker experience including: restorations and customs. He is passionate about technology and sneakers and believes that allows him to bring a very unique aspect to the sneaker game.


You might be a beginner to removing sneaker yellowing and if so, that’s okay. We will take time to explain the terminology that will both be used in this icy soles course and is also commonly used in the sneaker restoration community.

Chapter 2 : Supplies Needed for sole icing

Let’s eliminate the guesswork. We’ll cover the exact supplies and sole sauce you will need and where you can purchase them from.

Chapter 3 : Ice box setups

We will discuss starter ice box setups and walk you through how we setup our ice box step by step. We will explain why we use the materials we use while also explaining some of the things we learned the hard way.

Chapter 4 : Lighting

Lighting is critical in this course and we will cover the options you have to assist with reversing sneaker yellowing (oxidizing sneakers).

Chapter 5 : Temperature Matters

What are the implications of extreme temperatures while trying to get icy soles? Why does this even matter? We’ll explain why you cannot afford to ignore temperature changes while icing. We will also explain how to control the temperature in your icing box.

Chapter 6 : What not to do

We have already made all of the mistakes so that you don’t have to repeat them. In this class we will discuss what you want to avoid while icing shoes and why.

Chapter 7 : Let's start icing soles with Sole sauce

Now that we’ve covered all the basics, bring your sole sauce so we can walk you through exactly how to go from yellow to icy soles!