Sneaker Yellowing

We know how frustrating it is to sit on a pair of sneakers, finally wear them a few times then you to notice the soles are showing the beginning stages of yellowing. Fortunately, we repair sneaker yellowing all the time along with a host of other sneaker restoration services.

Every sneaker requires different techniques to remove sneaker yellowing

Sneaker Yellowing


These Jordans, while not dirty or worn much also experienced slight yellowing. In this instance we not only reverse the yellowing but we also clean the thread on the midsole. 

restoring sneakers


This is good old fashioned sneaker yellowing right here with a twist. The soles also required a re-glue. Age along with normal wear and tear will all contribute to your sneakers yellowing over time.

sneaker yellowing air max


Clear AirMax soles look beautiful out the box. Unfortunately, age and dirt are very unkind to them. Fortunately that’s nothing that a deep clean and treatment won’t fix. 

nike af1 sneaker yellowing


If you’ve ever owned a pair of white Nike Air Force 1s then we don’t even need to talk about yellowing because you understand. The good news it that we can reverse yellowing on the soles for a complete sneaker restoration.

sneaker yellowing Yeezy Boost


Yeezy Boosts are notorious for the soles turning just flat out dingy with wear. No need to fear, we also do Adidas sneaker restoration projects as well. 

jordan sneaker yellowing


Patent leather is one of the trickiest materials to restore and unyellowing these can stump even the best sneaker restorers. We have removed yellowing from lots of patent leather sneakers so no worries here!


Can Sneaker Yellowing be prevented?

In short, no. You CAN however slow the process down and we can also reverse the yellow (oxidation). In order to slow down the process, make sure that you keep your kicks clean and you can also use the plastic shields for your soles that people sell. 

What's the best way to store my kicks to prevent yellowing?

As a collector AND shoe restorer, I’d tell you to always keep in mind that sneakers don’t age well. Storing them with silica gel helps. Ensuring that they are not stored in a hot or humid environment definitely helps. However, I’ve personally seen deadstock sneakers that were stored “perfectly” still yellow or have other issues surface like needing to be glued. So…..WEAR YOUR KICKS.

sneaker cleaning

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