Our team will bring your sneakers back to life with our Sneaker Restoration and Sneaker Cleaning Services

You don’t even have to wear sneakers for them to start to yellow over time. It happens, it looks bad but we will take care of the sneaker yellowing on your kicks and make them look new.

We provide a deep clean to remove scuffs, stains and other debris from your sneakers. Next, we utilize a conditioner to restore a natural new looking shine to the materials on your kicks. Sneaker Cleaning at it’s best!

Nike Air Bubble

Nike Air bubble

Cloudy Nike air bubble? There is nothing you can do to prevent it BUT don’t worry, we can restore cloudy air bubbles.

Icy Soles


Cloudy Nike air bubble? There is nothing you can do to prevent it BUT don’t worry, we can restore cloudy air bubbles.

Sneakers crease, usually from people wearing the wrong size shoes but we aren’t judging! We can help you with your sneaker creasing problems. 

Sneaker Dye

Sneaker DYE

Materials lose their color over time but rest assured that we can take care of your sneaker dye needs. We will custom color match as needed. 

replacement soles for sneakers

REPLACEMENT Soles for sneakers

Heel drag and midsole crumbling are the two biggest culprits here. If you have a donor sole then great, otherwise we can point you in the right direction to get one and we will happily reglue your replacement soles for sneakers. 

sneaker glue

Sneaker glue

Sneaker glue has a shelf life and regardless of how great the shoes look, they will start to separate once they are old enough. We will remove, clean and re-glue your sneakers with professional glue and techniques. 

sneaker paint

sneaker paint

Sometimes your kicks need a fresh coat of paint to bring back them back to original condition. We color match and custom mix paint as needed so to bring life back into your sneakers. 

sneaker repair

sneaker repair

Some shoe restoration jobs don’t fit into a standard category. That’s okay because we have seen it all with over 100 years of shoe repair experience on our team!  

air jordan 1 OG

vintage sneaker repair

Have a pair of vintage sneakers? We’d love to work on them. A sneaker restoration will restore the value in them and allow you to proudly wear or display them again!

In need of sneaker restoration? We’ll take your kicks from beat to heat. First, we will assess your shoes and then provide you with our recommendations for sneaker restoration

jordan restoration