Every sneaker restoration job is very unique but use the pricing guide below to estimate the cost of your shoe restoration project 

Sneaker Paint / RE-PAINT $60 – $100

Sneakers PAINTing requires understanding the right paint to use on materials. most jobs do not require us to repaint the entire shoe, but some sneaker restorations do require a full repaint. rest assured that we’ve seen it all and done it all and your shoes are in great hands.


sneaker GLUE – $60 – $100

Sneakers need reglued for a variety of reasons. As they age, the glue deteriorates. Shoes that have not been worn (deadstock) and are 5 years or older are extremely prone to this. Shoes that are exposed to a lot of heat will start to experience sole separation, and then there is just the normal wear and tear of aged sneakers. As such, sneaker reglue jobs will range from needing to reglue a small section of a shoe to needing the soles and old glue completely removed in order to complete a proper reglue.

sneaker DYE – $75 – $105

when suede is not taken care of properly it needs some tender loving care. fortunately We specialize in redying sneakers. before we can perform a redye, the suede has to be cleaned. we’ll get your suede sneakers back in great condition for you.

sneaker cleaning – $60 – $100

SNEAKER CLEANING IS AN ART AND WE’VE GOTTEN REALLY GOOD AT IT OVER THE YEARS. Some shoes just need a light cleaning, but others are just outright beat up and require everything from conditioning to scuff removal. If they require deodorizing, we’ll take care of that for you.

icy soles and sneaker yellowing – $60 – $120

Oxidation along with normal wear and storing conditions can have a different effect on different models of shoes. As a result, some shoes require a lot more work to get rid of the yellowing that has built up. No need to worry though, we’ll get your sneakers nice and icy again!

sneaker creasing – $50 – $75

Decreasing sneakers varies by job and the sneaker that is involved. As such, sneaker decreasing requires different techniques for different kicks. When we decrease your shoes, they will come back to you stuffed and rest assured they will come back to you in much better condition than when we received them.

Nike air bubbles – $50 – $75

This job often includes cleaning off scuffs on the air bubbles and removing paint from prior attempts to restore sneakers. We have had really good success defogging most air bubbles, just keep in mind that deep scuffs in plastic is a whole different story.

sole swaps – $100 – $150

Sole swaps on sneakers is pretty intense. We remove the soles on a pair of two pairs of sneakers and then reglue the donor pair of soles back onto your kicks. You should be able to provide us with donor soles to swap your soles with. However, if you need help locating soles, we can point you in the right direction. And yes, shipping us shoes with the donor soles already detached does lower your cost for the sole swap.

Jordan heel tab swaps – $75 – $100

The heel tabs on Jordan 3’s and 4’s crack and break over time but no need to worry as we can perform a Jordan heel tab swap for you and make your kicks look new again or provide you with OG tabs for your retro Jordans. Heel tabs can be purchased for about $40-50 and we charge $60-$75 to perform the swap.
*Please note that you are welcome to request specific services if you do not want to get a full sneaker restoration. Also, please let us know if any attempts have already been made to restore your shoes.