We insure our customers’ shoes from the time we receive them for sneaker restoration until they are back in your hands

OUR SERVICES – Sneaker Restoration and Cleaning

Our team will bring your sneakers back to life with our Sneaker Restoration and Cleaning Services

Deep Clean & Conditioning

We provide a deep clean to remove scuffs, stains and other debris from your sneakers. Next, we utilize a conditioner to restore a natural new looking shine to the materials on your kicks. Sneaker Cleaning at it’s best!


Sneakers crease and creasing inevitably leaves your shoes looking like crap no matter how clean you keep them. Let us remove those stubborn creases so you can wear your kicks with pride.

Cloudy air bubble? There is nothing you can do to prevent it BUT don’t worry, we can restore foggy air bubbles.


Some materials start to lose their color over time. Whether it’s suede, leather etc we will repaint and or redye your sneakers to complete your sneaker restoration.

Sole Icing

Even the most dingy yellow soles can be brought back to looking nice and icy. Yellowing can’t be prevented but you we will get you back to having icy soles.

Remove Yellowing

You don’t even have to wear sneakers for them to start to yellow over time. It happens, it looks bad but we will take care of the yellowing on your kicks and make them look new.

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