Shoe Trees for Sneakers – do I need them and how to use them

Written by RB

April 19, 2020

shoe trees for sneakers

what are thoooooose?!?!

Most of us have heard of shoe trees. But do you know how to use them, when to use them, or why you would need to use shoe trees for sneakers?

You’ve got on $150 sneakers but they look like you found them in the trash can? 


shoe trees for sneakers – buy now

sneaker creasing
shoe trees

Why Use Proof Shoe Trees?

Think about it — you come home after playing basketball and slide those sweaty kicks in the closet only to forget about them. But by the time you come back to them, they stink. Now what? Not a problem! Next time, just slide a cedar shoe tree set into your sneakers!

We use shoe trees all the time for sneaker restoration and in our personal sneaker collections. And we’ve tried so many over the years. So we’ve made the same cedar shoe trees we use available for purchase for only $25.00! Unlike cheap plastic ones, the cedar absorbs odors and keeps your shoes fresh and dry.

how do you use Shoe trees?

Just slide them into your shoes whenever your sneakers have become creased, wet, smelly, or out of shape. Shoe trees work, and they work VERY well. Just placing a set in your shoes will help to prevent creasing, remove odors and moisture, and reshape your kicks.

After Using Shoe Trees

sneaker creasing
sneaker decreasing

How to use shoe trees

shoe tree faq

Do shoe trees really work?

They absolutely do! In fact, they accomplish multiple things like stretching, reshaping shoes, removing odors and also moisture removal.

Are shoe trees good for sneakers?

Yes, especially if your sneakers have become creased, sweaty, smelly or out of shape. Cedar wood trees absorb odors and keep your shoes fresh and dry. Plastic shoe trees will also help prevent and decrease creasing, just take the time to pick the right kind of shoe tree for your needs.

What can I use instead of a shoe tree?

When in a jam, pull out the gym socks and stuff your shoes.

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