SNEAKER restoration pricing


Most jobs do not require us to repaint the entire shoe but some do require a full repaint – sometimes several coats.. We take the time to color match the paint that is required for your restoration.

Pricing – $45-90


These jobs range from a small section of a shoe that needs reglued to an entire sole or pair of shoes that need reglued.

Pricing – $45-90


Re-dye’s start in a range of $60-90 depending on whether we have to re-dye both shoes and/or do a custom color match. 

Pricing – $60-90

Deep clean & conditioning:

Some shoes just need a light cleaning, but some are just outright beat up and require conditioning  to the leather and/or suede and scuff removal. If necessary, our artists will wash your shoes if they have an odor.

Pricing – $45-90

Un-yellowing & Icing:

Oxidation along with normal wear and storing conditions can have a different effect on different models of shoes. As a result, we don’t know how many sessions will be required to un-yellow, or get your shoes back to having icy soles, until we see them and start to work on them.

Pricing – $45-105


Decreasing varies by job and the sneaker that is involved and as such requires different techniques based on the shoes. When we decrease your shoes, they will come back to you stuffed so they return in better condition than when we received them and so that you can stuff them after wear.

Pricing – $30-60

Defogging Air Bubbles:

This job often includes cleaning off scuffs on the air bubbles and removing paint from prior attempts to restore sneakers.

Pricing – $30-45

Sole swaps:

You should be able to provide us with donor soles to replace your soles with. If you need help locating soles, we can point you in the right direction to start. Shipping us shoes with the donor soles already detached reduces the amount of work that we have to do and that lowers the cost of the job.

Pricing – $90-120

*Please note that you are welcome to request specific services rather than everything notes above. Also, please let us know if any attempts have already been made to restore your shoes.