Real Metallic Jordan V’s

Flight Crew Custom Kicks

The Real Metallic Jordan V customs have just dropped from the exclusive custom kicks designer team, Flight Crew. The release is initially inspired by the Black Metallic Jordans V and the shoes were customized in a way that they STILL have their original suede feel to them. We have mastered the technique of being able to change the color of suede without making the suede lose its feel and nobody else in the world is doing it!

Real Metallic V’s Before

Jordan V Metallic Proof Culture

Our Starting Canvas

Simply put, this Jordan V just did not seem metallic enough. Thus, an idea struck to approach these custom kicks with a unique and simple twist. The concept was to do something original that has never been done before and make the Jordan V a truly metallic sneaker.

Real Metallic V’s Custom Kicks After

Real Metallic Jordan V's Proof CultureThese custom kicks are to die for with its

dope silver suede and black contrasting

highlights. They are a timeless sneakerhead’s

wish finally come true made from quality paints

applied in a top secret manner! Durable and

comfortable quality like the Jordan brand itself,

the Metallic Metallic Jordan V is an awesome

custom pair of sneakers that has long been

awaited by many sneakerheads near and far.

The only question that remains is,


“How do I get a pair of these custom kicks?”


Real Metallic Jordan V's Proof Culture

We will only sell 15 pair of these Real Metallic Jordan V Custom Kicks. Order your pair BELOW right now!


Check out more pics of these Real Metallic V kicks in our custom sneaker gallery!


Custom Kicks

If you love these custom kicks then make sure let us know – leave a comment below! Remember, you can go anywhere and buy some custom sneakers but if they aren’t made by Proof Culture‘s Flight Crew, then what’s the point?

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