About David Nuern

Who wouldn’t like to have a few samples in their collection? There’s a special exclusivity that comes with owning a sample pair of shoes, a pair that was never meant to see the light of day. Even in the world of sample collecting there are levels, however. Would you want a sample of a generic pair of Nike Flex Runs? Or would you rather have a pair of sample Yeezy 350 V1 Turtledoves? Recently, Proof Culture linked up with a new friend from across the pond in Germany, David Nuern. Many would describe David as the ultimate Adidas sample collector. He has managed to do what many of us would dream of, gain access to the treasures lying within the vaults of the Three Stripes. David has managed to get his hands on samples of iconic shoes such as the original Parley UltraBoost, Human Race NMDs, and even multiple Yeezy 350s. Along with samples, David also collects Friends & Family pairs of some of the most coveted Adidas silhouettes.

David doesn’t just care about the hype of his sneakers, he’s somewhat of a sneaker anatomist. Along with securing samples, he also manages to get his hands on raw samples of Adidas Boost, and 4D as well as whole midsoles from Yeezy 350s, UltraBoost, and 4D shoes. Because of his vast experience in dissecting shoes and researching their materials, David is an expert in sneaker quality, design, and construction.

At Proof, our history of sneaker restoration has given us vast insight into exactly what David is interested in; aesthetics, design, quality, and construction. We are incredibly humbled that he took the time to complete an interview with us and share his insight with our community. On top of that, he provided us with some insider info that we’re eager to share with you. Here’s how the discussion went:

The Interview

Q: Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with Proof Culture. How have you and your family been during the Covid-19 pandemic? We hope that you and yours have been safe and healthy.

A: Everything has been fine in our family. No cases of Covid and no other problems.

Q: You have an impressive collection of Adidas samples, friends & family, and limited-edition sneakers. What draws you to collecting Adidas sneakers over other brands?

A: What got me into collecting is probably my Dad that is working At adidas in the HZO HQ. What I really love about those pairs is the rarity and exclusivity of those shoes. I also love seeing the Sample process, how they make small changes in each sample stage.

Adidas Headquarters, Herzogenaurach: Footwear News

Q: You have a few very special shoes in your collection. If you had to pick your top 3 most favorite pairs in your collection, what would they be and what makes them special?

Number 1: Adidas x Parley OG Prototype
This pair is very special to me. It is a Prototype of the very first Adidas Parley shoes back then when they states their Collaboration with Parley. There are maybe 2-3 Pairs known to exist on the world which is pretty insane. Also, parley and sustainability is becoming more and more important in our world.

Instagram: @davidnuern

Number 2: The Adidas LOOP
No special model of the existing pairs, but the whole project fascinates me. Being able to take 100% of a old shoe and using that material for a new Generation of shoes is insane.

Instagram: @davidnuern

Number 3: The Paris Fashion Week friends and Family Consortium 4D Runner.
Such a beautiful looking pair. Insane Design and it was only given to F&F and consortium on the Paris fashion week last year.

Instagram: @davidnuern

Q: Your collection is very impressive as it stands, but I’m sure you still have your eyes on the next additions. What are 3 shoes that you would love to see in your collection one day?

Number 1: Invincible 4D Prism
Number 2: 1/50 F&F Parley OG
Number 3: The Purple F&F Hu Race Sample

Q: You are fortunate enough to get to see the raw materials and construction aspects of our favorite pairs of Adidas shoes (raw Boost pellets, 4D material samples, Yeezy 350 midsoles, etc.). What are your favorite quality aspects of the Yeezy 350? Is there anything that goes into the 0 of the shoe that sets it apart from the competition?

A: Of course, everybody that has ever worn a pair knows how comfy they are. This comes from the perfect combination of boost, special Primeknit, cushioning etc. But if I should be honest, there are a lot of shoes that are being produced with better quality, because of the fact that Yeezys are being produced on mass.

Q: At Proof Culture, we see many different pairs of shoes sent to us to be professionally restored. Amongst the Yeezy 350s we receive, the most common problem is yellowing soles. To your knowledge, is Adidas aware of these issues? If so, from a quality and innovation standpoint, are there any initiatives you have seen or know of to remedy these issues?

A: Yeah that is a well-known Problem. The best you can do is to use 3M Sole-shields, these keep your soles perfectly fresh.

Q: Through advancements such as Boost, 4D, AM4 Series, Parley ocean plastic usage, and the FutureCraft Loop, Adidas has pushed the limits of footwear innovation. What is your favorite innovation kick-started by Adidas, and why?

A: Probably the already mentioned Futurecraft LOOP. That’s exactly what the world needs now. More innovation and more sustainability. But 4D is also really cool. I own a few of their models and they are just super cool to look at and wear.

Q: In the past decade, Adidas reached such a level of hype that their shoes didn’t just sell out, but began selling for well over their MSRP on the resale market. What would you say was the moment that Adidas established such a high demand?

A: I think the craziest time was, when the Adidas and Kanye collab was brand new. Yeezy Zebras were going for 1k+ etc…

Q: As previously mentioned, Adidas is at the cutting edge of footwear innovation. What do you think is the next issue in the footwear world that the innovators at Adidas should tackle?

A: Definitely trying to get more sustainable and eco-friendly. We have to fight to save our Planet and our climate. What is a cool shoe worth when our world is slowly falling apart?

Q: Your collection is made up primarily of samples and friends & family pairs. What makes collecting these sneakers appealing to you?

A: As I already said, the aspect of rarity and exclusivity. 🙂

As you can see, David has his fingers on the pulse of all things Adidas and doesn’t plan on stopping his hunt for exclusive sneakers any time soon. We would like to take this opportunity to thank David for his time and efforts in working with us. He is incredibly knowledgeable, kind, and an asset to the sneaker community.

We encourage you to follow him in Instagram @davidnuern so that you can keep up to date with his crazy collection and learn the latest technologies being used at Adidas.