Premium Dropfront Storage | Magnetic Organizer Clear Plastic Stackable Sneaker Storage

Magnetic Organizer Clear Plastic Stackable Storage Sneaker Shoe Box Bins Drawer

Let’s be clear, not all sneaker storage boxes are the same. Some are very cheaply made, some don’t consider the fact that Americans have larger sized feet and some just don’t account for the fact that you want to store your shoes for protection AND display in between wears. So what makes our sneaker storage boxes different? Simple, they have been designed FOR Sneakerheads BY Sneakerheads.

NOTE: Select the large sneaker storage box for your mid and high tops (low top sneakers will fit in the large box as well). Only low top sneakers will fit in the small box.

dropfront sneaker storage


We are a company of Sneakerheads and we start by making products that WE would want to buy. Buy with confidence that you're going to love our sneaker storage boxes!

dropfront shoe storage display case

Let's talk about the details:

1. They look great!

They are clear and will hold up to a men's size 14 shoe. If we get requests from our big feet people don't worry we'll make a larger size.

2. They are easy to assemble!

We are going to post an assembly video on this listing.

3. They are sturdy!

If the boxes can handle me going in and out of them with my size 13's then I know you'll be fine.

4. They are dropfront with a magnetic door!

This is important because dropfront is great in terms of easily moving your shoes in and out of the boxes but the magnetic part keeps your box doors closed. Depending on where you store your kicks, that is the difference between your shoes being exposed to elements like creepy crawlies or moisture.

5. They are stackable!

None of this matters if you can't confidently stack your kicks and display them with pride. All of the pics you see are from our founder's personal collection.

6. Designed BY Sneakerheads FOR Sneakerheads!

You've got one of us behind these so we've designed these with you in mind.

Questions and Answers?

Q - Will these keep dust away from my kicks?

A - Yes

Q - Will these fit low mids and hightops?

A - Yes. Go with the large storage box for mids and highs. You can also place lows in the large box, but only lowtops will fit in the small storage box.

Q - What size shoes fit in these?

A - The largest size these will fit is a size 14 and we know this because our founder stores his size 13 sneakers in our dropfront boxes.



dropfront shoe storage display case


dropfront shoe storage display case


Proof Culture was founded in 2018 by our CEO Richard Brown. Fueled by his passion of sneaker culture, Proof Culture started out by creating custom sneakers. The business quickly expanded into sneaker restoration and developing products for sneaker culture. Richard believes in focusing on creating products and services that WE love and want to use as people who love sneakers creating products for others who also love sneakers. There is a lot of love, thought and deep appreciation that go into our products and services.

The road to building this business came by way of a lot of hurdles and pain. This pain ultimately gave birth to our brand name P.R.O.O.F. Culture - Positivity Reinforces Our Overall Focus. You see, no matter what life throws at you, if you can find a way to remain positive, that positivity can and WILL fuel you through what you’re going through.

This isn’t just about sneakers for us, it’s about a feeling. The feeling you have when you open a box of sneakers, when you lace them up and wear them for the first time. We want to create that feeling for as many people as we can.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 14 × 4 in



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