Gold Aglets


Inspired by the Nike Air Yeezy shoes, our gold aglets are the perfect accessory for your favorite pair of sneakers and shoe laces! Stand out from the crowd, purchase your own set of Premium shoe aglets today!

Your order ships with: 4 Gold Aglets and 4 Anchor Screws 

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Gold Aglets for your sneaker laces!

Proof Culture's gold aglets make the perfect sneaker accessory to give your sneakers a premium look. Inspired by the Yeezy Aglets, adding these gold lace tips to your laces is an incredibly easy way to enhance your shoes. These lace tips are fully plated, slide over your existing lace tip and is easily secured with an included screw!

Instructions for use: Simply slide the gold aglets over the tip of your shoe lace and tighten with the included screw! That's it! No glue, no crimping, no damaging your laces.

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