Cedar Shoe Tree (real cedar wood)


If you aren’t using a cedar shoe tree set in your sneakers then you are doing yourself a big disservice. These shoe trees will keep your sneakers dry, odorless and prevent decreasing. They are also incredible for reshaping your shoes when they start to curl up. Use what the professionals use!


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If you aren’t using a cedar shoe tree set in your sneakers then you are doing yourself a big disservice (why use a shoe tree set). We use cedar shoe trees all the time when restoring sneakers because they work and they work VERY well. They absorb moisture AND odors from your shoes while also reshaping your shoes AND preventing creasing. We’ve tried all of the plastic shoe trees and they all wound up in the trash. Use what the professionals use and keep your kicks in GREAT shape. The cedar shoe tree comes in a set of two and they are self adjusting.

Feel free to check out our full article on how and why to use shoe trees for sneakers.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Shoe Tree Size

Men's Size – 6.5-8.5, Men's Size – 9-10, Men's Size -10.5-13, Men's Size – 14


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