Looking for Jordan 11 Replacement Laces?

Shoe laces are often an overlooked feature that can make or break the aesthetic of a sneaker. Not only this, but they’re also one of the easiest aspects of a sneaker to customize. How many times have you seen a pair of shoes and thought, “Those would look so much better with rope laces…”, “Those laces are way too long”, or something to that extent? The touchiness of determining which laces fit well with a sneaker can make finding replacement laces a nightmare.

If you’re looking for Jordan 11 replacement laces, you’re in luck! Proof Culture has created a pair of replacement shoe laces specifically designed for the Jordan 11. No more worrying about measuring your current laces and trying to find just the right size online. No more wondering if the lace shape will work well with the shoe. We have done all of that for you. All that’s left for you to do is lace up your Jordan 11s with these perfectly curated replacement shoelaces.

Think your replacement laces can’t get any better? To sweeten the deal, we include a Proof Culture sticker with every order!


Jordan 11 Laces



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