Sneakerhead or not, everybody owns a sneaker pair or two, and the urge to take care of them comes naturally, as you want them to last for a long haul. Why make them last? Because copping a pair is undoubtedly quite an investment. To help you out, here are some suggestions to keep your shoes in tip-top condition:

Stuff it With Old Stock When Not Used

No one ever wants their shoes to be deformed. Stuffing it with scratch papers is the easiest trick that will benefit your shoes in the long run. This easy method has several perks; not only does it help avoid residual odors, but it also helps to dry them out if they become wet. Not to mention it keeps it in the right shape and form. This way, your shoes will never rot, unlike leaving them be after use. However, if you want to invest in a proper tool, shoe tree are the way to go. It is designed to hold up the shape of your shoe while drying out the moisture. You can also use the shoe tree to break in your feet in your shoes, especially if you have a hard time getting them on.

Get it Cleaned by a Professional

Cleaning your kicks will surely save you some money. But if you want to be guaranteed that your shoe is cleaned most properly, then getting it cleaned by experts will be your holy grail. These people already know what’s best for any type of shoe and what products to use. Proof Culture is a most trusted company when it comes to sneaker cleaning services. They have a nationwide network of skilled sneaker restoration artists and cobblers, specializing in reviving your sneakers to their former glory. Bringing your well-loved kicks to them would be the best decision you can ever make. Also, if you want to personalize your sneakers, they are also the team you need. They have creative individuals who can incorporate your desired design by hand-painting. Make sure to check them out!

Store it in a Safe Space

Wearing shoes is one thing, but preserving and storing them is an art that involves more than simply placing all of your shoes in a closet. You need to find ways to store shoes properly as it allows shoes to last longer, keeps them usable, and prevents mold from forming on them. If you notice a silica gel that comes with newly purchased shoes, they actually have their own function—this helps protect your shoes from the growth of molds. So, the next time you see a pack of silica gels, you must keep them to put in the storage containers of your shoes.

Protect the Soles

The first indication that a shoe is overly worn would probably be through the soles. Rain, snow, having to go through some grass in a pair of sneakers, and even common symptoms of wear and stink. There are specific products that can help you with this. Products designed to protect your soles can be found online. Although you have to be careful as a plethora of results will appear. Make sure that you choose the right products from a trusted brand.

Manage the Odor

The more we use our cherished shoes, the more we’ll realize that they are starting to stink. Overuse, perspiration, skin shedding, filth, germs, fungus, and a lack of air are all factors that can lead to smelly shoes. Don’t you fret. There are actually ways to stop this from happening. One of the most effective methods for removing odors from shoes is to revive them with a more pleasant scent. Many find it helpful to leave a fresh lemon or lime peel on your shoe overnight. It is also believed that squirting a few drops of lavender essence can eliminate odors.

Essentially, if you ignore shoe maintenance and cleaning, it might hasten the breakdown process of the shoe. Hopefully, these points can help you in keeping your sneakers in great condition. Yet, keep in mind that an incorrect method might cause the shoe to be damaged, reducing its lifespan drastically. Thus, handing them down to experts should be your first move. Make sure to contact Proof Culture for any sneaker need!