Our Custom Sneaker Design Team has one purpose – getting you safely to your destination 

Flight Crew Custom SneakersOnce we know where you want to go with your custom sneaker design, our team meticulously works through the design process to create you a one of a kind hand painted pair of custom kicks! We’ve made the process of ordering custom sneakers very simple so let me explain to you how Flight Crew’s sneaker design team works.

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Step 1 – Pick Your Destination (create your custom sneaker concept)

Ordering Custom SneakersWe are YOUR flight crew – so you let US know where you see us going with your custom sneaker design concept and we will do the rest!

This can be done either through our custom sneaker order form or you can contact us directly. Don’t worry if you don’t have a destination (custom sneaker concept) in mind because if not then we will simply assign a travel agent to you who will help in every step through the creative process.

Our easy to use order form will allow you to select the details of your custom sneaker request. Once you submit the form, a travel agent will be assigned to you to wait on you hand and foot throughout the ordering process.


Step 2 – Confirm Your Flight Details (review your custom sneaker order)

Custom Sneaker Support Agent

Nobody likes to wind up in the wrong destination. You leave for Hawaii and wind up in Canada and suddenly those adidas flip flops are useless!  Well the same goes with our custom sneakers. We will send you a Flight Plan with the details of your order so that you know how your custom sneaker design will look when it arrives!

One of our courteous travel agents will be assigned to you and will contact you to confirm all of the details of your custom kicks. After all, we want to ensure that you have a perfect trip and come back to us every time you need a new pair of custom sneakers. Therefore, we take extra precautions to make sure that  your custom sneakers arrive just the way you want them and safely.

Once you have confirmed your flight details, your travel agent will then send you an invoice for a deposit on your custom sneakers ($90) and schedule a meeting with you and your flight crew! The deposit is not an extra charge, we simply deduct your deposit from the cost of your custom sneaker order.


Step 3 – Meet Your Flight Crew & Create Your Flight Plan

Custom Sneaker Flight CrewWe’ve got your custom sneaker request and now it’s time to meet your crew and create your custom sneaker mock-up aka Flight Plan.

We don’t fly blindly nor should you choose any custom sneaker designer that does – that’s insane! You will sit down with our design team and work out all of the tedious details of your custom sneakers so that we can ensure that you will have an amazing pair of kicks and an even more amazing experience! We can either come to a conclusion on the design by phone or we can create up to 2 flight plans (custom sneaker mock-ups) to ensure that you like the direction of your custom sneaker design.

Once we have agreed on the custom sneaker concept, your travel agent will send you a final invoice for your kicks along with an itinerary that will confirm all of the details of your custom sneaker order.  Review the itinerary to make sure everything is correct and then it’s time to pack your bags!


Step 4  – Check In (getting your shoes so we can get started)

The check in process involves us securing your shoes that we will be customizing. Some people choose to mail their sneakers in to us and others choose to have us get the shoes for them. The choice is completely yours. We work with a lot of different vendors to get sneakers and if we cannot find the shoe you would like, we will even look for alternatives. The bottom line is that it costs you extra money to ship shoes to us so we offer this option as a courtesy to you at no extra cost!


Custom Sneaker Boarding

Step 5 – Boarding / Boarding Pass (final confirmation of your custom sneaker order)

At this point we’ve finalized the concept behind your custom sneakers, and we now have your shoes. Now that you have checked in I’m sure you are wondering what’s next.  Next we will confirm the final details of your order. If you have ordered a first class design, we will also be sending you a boarding pass. Yes a Flight Crew boarding pass for your custom sneakers! Your boarding pass will have all of the details of your custom sneaker order so that you know exactly what to expect and when to expect it. You’re flying with Flight Crew so expect nothing but the best in service.

Custom Sneaker Boarding Pass


Step 6 – In Flight Entertainment

Now that you have checked in and we have your shoes, we can begin to customize your sneakers. Now you don’t think we’re gonna sit you down in the back of the plane, tell you to shut up and just wait till we get there do you? No! We will keep you updated on the status of your order. If there are any expected delays you will be notified immediately. Also, we will even send you high resolution pictures and or HD quality video of your custom sneakers during the design process! That is what we call In Flight Entertainment.

You should also know that:

  1. We use paypal to secure payments for your protection (a lot of people get ripped off trying to buy custom shoes we know because they then become our satisfied clients. Also, a lot of sites do not take necessary steps to protect your credit card information but WE DO.
  2. If you have any questions at all during the design process, you have a dedicated travel agent to assist you.


Step 7 – Arrival (your custom sneakers have arrived)

What is the most dreaded fear after you have landed? Well it’s only the first thing that pops in your head after you get off the plane – “where is my luggage?”.

Once the customization process is complete, we will send you over all of the tracking details of your custom kicks so you will know exactly when your sneakers are going to arrive.  Also, for your protection and at NO extra cost to you, we insure all of our custom sneaker orders!! Check our competition – they sneak all kinds of extra charges in on you!



Our pricing, like your custom sneakers is unique to you. Every sneaker project is unique, however, these tips will help you save money on your custom sneakers and make informed decisions.

  • You don’t wait till the last minute to book a trip during the holidays – the same goes with custom sneakers. Everyone is trying to order their custom sneakers during the holidays so book your order in advance and not only will you save money but you will also ensure availability!
  • Select a budget so that we can design according to it. Once you select a budget, we can completely focus on making you a HOT DESIGN!
  • Can we rush order and create a design in two days? We sure can! Just keep in mind that rush orders will incur a an extra charge.