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Custom Shoes Boarding Pass – Adam from NYC

By now I’m sure you know that if you’d compare us to anybody else, we’re in the stratosphere with this custom shoes thing – literally. Well our service is undeniably the best as are our custom shoes.

Only the Flight Crew team presents you with a boarding pass for your custom sneakers online – YES a boarding pass, with all of the details of your order. We hear non stop horror stories of people trying to get custom shoes online. They get mix-matched custom sneaker sizes, the wrong size sent to them or just flat out custom Nike designs that the person did ask for. Not to mention the people that get ripped off trying to buy custom shoes online because the “company” takes their money and runs.

In fact, this was Adam’s case. He tried to buy some custom shoes from a company that rhymes with pimp my ticks and they took his money and ran. Well, Adam, we’ve got you covered. Here is your boarding pass that includes a digital custom sneaker mockup. We will also be sending you some HIGH-RESOLUTION photos of your custom shoes in the making shortly. This is how you are supposed to take care of your clients.

Don’t get ripped off by posers pretending to care about you as a customer and know what they are doing with custom shoes. We’ve got over 30 years combined sneaker experience in our team of being actual SneakerHeads and customizing sneakers.

So to sum things up, take a look at our latest customer Adam’s custom shoe boarding pass and you’ll see why we’re ten steps ahead of the rest. Nobody, gives more attention to detail with their custom shoes than Proof Culture – NOBODY