MSCHF Crocs: The Sequel to the Big Red Boot

MSCHF Crocs: The Sequel to the Big Red Boot

MSCHF is at it again. The brains behind the infamous Big Red Boots have dipped back into the realm of comedically large footwear. This time, they brought their friends. Bring on the shoe that nobody asked for but soon everybody will want, MSCHF Crocs.

Just in time for the summer, the MSCHF Crocs were seen on the feet of Estonian musician Tommy Cash at Paris Fashion Week. Cash has gone viral wearing the boots in the front row of a Rick Owens fashion show while smoking a cigarette and drinking a comedically large glass of wine. On his personal Instagram account, he posted a video wearing the boots, to which the official Crocs account commented, “I-.”


The best part is that Crocs is in on the joke. Complex was the first to break the news that the boots are an official collaboration between MSCHF and Crocs. MSCHF then revealed to Highsnobiety that the boots are indeed a MSCHF Crocs joint venture.

The boots – um, I mean, Crocs – are not yet available to purchase and no release date has been announced. MCSHF’s Big Red Boots retailed at a cool $350, so we’re anticipating a similar price point for these.

What are your thoughts on the MSCHF Crocs? Would you wear a pair?

Feature Photo By: MSCHF
Photo By: Gary Warnett

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