In our Nation’s 244 years of existence we have invented, achieved, and perfected many different things for our population to be proud of. Independence Day serves as an opportunity for us to take a step back and appreciate all of these amazing aspects of our country. We, as sneaker enthusiasts, must ask, however, how can we combine our loves of America and shoes? No need to worry, because as if you needed another excuse to buy more shoes, I am here to share with you a few Americana-inspired shoes for you to add to your collection so that you can flex patriotically.

Jordan x Levi’s Jordan 4

(Kicks On Fire)

Blue jeans are an American invention that have become a fashion staple all across the globe. The original blue jean manufacturer is America’s one and only Levi Strauss & Co. In 2018, Jordan Brand collaborated with the iconic American denim giant to create a limited run of Air Jordan 4s clad in Levi’s denim. Just like Levi’s jeans, these shoes are sure to match anything in your wardrobe and are sure to turn heads. Bonus America points if you wear the Levi’s Jordan 4 with a pair of Levi’s jeans (501s, or it doesn’t count), a Levi’s denim shirt, and a Levi’s denim jacket.

Asics x Concepts Gel-Lyte III “Boston Tea Party”

(Sole Collector)

If you want to take your patriotic flex to a Revolutionary level (pun intended), look no further than Concepts’ Boston Tea Party-inspired Asics Gel-Lyte III. In 2015, Boston-based Concepts linked up with Asics to deliver us a tribute to the Sons of Liberty, who in 1773 boarded British ships docked in the Boston harbor dressed up as Native Americans and proceeded to dump 342 chests of tea overboard (I bet you didn’t think you’d get a history lesson in this blog). The Boston Tea Party has become a landmark event in the history of America’s struggle for independence, so rocking Boston Tea Party-inspired kicks is an ultimate patriotic flex.

Nike Air Trainer SC “Atlanta Olympics”

(Kicks On Fire)

Every 4 years we all crowd around a TV to watch Team USA kick butt in sports we otherwise wouldn’t care about at the Olympic Games. Many of us have never watched competitive synchronized swimming, but if Team USA has a shot at gold you know we’re cheering at the TV. So, what’s more American than cheering on Team USA at the Olympics, you may ask? The answer is simple; cheering on Team USA at the Olympic Games held in America. The last time this happened was the 1996 Olympic Games which were held in the great city of Atlanta. As part of their 2016 Olympics celebrations, Nike paid tribute to these great games of the past with the Nike Air Trainer SC Atlanta Olympics edition. When you step out in these you aren’t just supporting Team USA, you’re paying homage to the great American Olympic Games of 1996.

Ultra Boost 2.0 “Lady Liberty”

(Ray Polanco Jr.)

Many see The Statue of Liberty as our national symbol. Lady Liberty is evident in movies, comics, Las Vegas hotels, football trick plays, and most importantly on our tax return checks. The Statue of Liberty serves as a beacon of hope, power, and freedom. The Statue of Liberty also holds a nod to Independence Day, quite literally. On the tablet held in Lady Liberty’s left arm is the inscription, “July IV, MDCCLXXVI.” The inscription is literally, “July 4, 1776” written with Roman numerals, the date we declared our independence. Adidas recognized the Statue of Liberty with a pair of Ultra Boost 2.0. The Ultra Boost 2.0 “Lady Liberty” is a great way for you, like the Statue of Liberty, to represent the freedom we enjoy as Americans.

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